U Change boosts your digital transformation

U Change. U = You, your customers or your customers' customers. You are the focus of our digital transformation expertise and our capabilities.
Startups, AI, machine learning, blockchain? Essential "enablers" but no more, no less. Some means to develop together nascent models focus to consumer services, users and citizen.
In this new era of complexity, uncertainty and fulgurance, consulting methods based on the analysis of the past and environments to predict the future are no longer in use. We must confront the uncertain. Increase initiatives and experiences. Learn from your failures.
U Change's innovative, open and scalable methodologies accelerate the digital transformation of your organization.

U Change integrates pure research into its innovation processes.

To help you grow better in this era of technological and societal change, there is nothing better than to integrate them. Since its creation, U Change has invested in research and benefits from the status of "Young Innovative Company". Every day, we build an increased consulting service for the best in machine learning, algorithms, blockchain or change management. We also develop an ecosystem of partners around co-design and decision-making systems.

Our clients