GDPR Drop: the registry of processing activities becomes a dynamic dashboard

What if your registry of GDPR treatments gave you more than the compliance with a regulatory obligation, required by the regulatory authorities?With the GDPR Drop ™ collaborative software solution, your treatment registry turns into an opportunity: you get a complete, shared and real-time vision to manage the personal data within your company.

A comprehensive registry to meet all regulatory requirements

  • Designed for compliance with section 30 of the GDPR
    Integration of all the information required by the regulator
  • Smooth and fast integration of all the treatments of your company
    No re-entry necessary
  • Restitution tool for the regulatory authorities (ICO,...).
    Reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, ...

The first collaborative registry tool

  • Custom access rights for each user
    DPO, head of department or employee processing personal data: bespoke access rights, screens and dashboards.
  • Collaborative help and alert functions
    Alerts for the DPO on the level of risk perceived by each user, request for help for users, ...

A dashboard for real-time monitoring of treatment operations

  • DPO dashboard:
    Evolution of the level of compliance, risky operations, ... on a single screen.
  • Awareness Tool:
    All employees concerned with GDPR issues
  • Real-time identification of risky treatments
    Identification of the possible gap between an operation ** and the processing to which it relates.

The concept of a processing operation for a dynamic registry

  • Each employee concerned by his treatments
    Each treatment update is completed in a few clicks and in real time by the employees via the creation of "operations **".
  • Always up-to-date treatments
    The original treatment evolves over time to describe the reality of the company as precisely as possible

GDPR Drop: essential functions

  • Census of treatments by purpose and sub-purpose
    Provision of typical purposes and sub-purposes
    Identification of the purposes and sub-purposes specific to each company
  • Additional qualification by categories *, sub-categories, ...
    Categorisation of treatments adapted for employees who are not GDPR experts
    Endless sorting, selection and search criteria
    Inputs of treatments and operations made simple
  • Assistance in creating treatments
    Possible automatic import of specific company information (suppliers, managers, purposes, etc.)
    No re-entry required for recurring information
  • Easy creation of processing ** operations
    Each operation linked to a treatment filled in on the fly in a few clicks
    Successive integration of the main APIs in the market
  • Dashboards by function (DPO, department head, ...)
    Alert reporting, risk assessment and consolidated vision by function
    Single screen for real-time visualisation of all registry information
  • Search through treatments and operations
    Instant identification of operations by purpose, category, user, subsidiary, department, etc.

* The categories of treatment allow a more operational classification for the operators and multiply the possibilities of identification, selection or sorting.

** A "processing operation" is an iteration of a defined treatment. For example, the customer newsletter of the month of April is an operation (that of April) on the treatment "Newsletter Client".