Privacy by design

By understanding and analyzing the data in its possession, each company will be able to create new offers, find unsuspected value and create a new relationship of trust with its ecosystem.
Faced with a (very) constrained schedule, a fast-changing environment and a wide (ultra) scope of application of the GDPR, we have set up an iterative and agile approach based on solid technological tools and 5 specific modules according to the maturity of your structure.


GDPR DROP is the dynamic register of  all activities designed and developed by U Change to enable the DPO to follow in real time all the processes carried out by his company.
This fully customizable tool offers detailed risk assessment and recommended compliance actions.
Compatible with third-party APIs, its technology ensures total anonymity of data and a high level of security.

More details on GDPR Drop.

6 weeks assessment

Whether you have 200 or 5000 employees, or whether your company is local or international, our innovative approach will only need 6 weeks to build the roadmap for your compliance. Based on a unique technological statement developed by our teams, our 6 Weeks Assessment process will map your organization's exposure to the 6 pillars of the GDPR regulation and build complete and comprehensive dashboards filtered by country and by business line. Our solution is multilingual and accessible on all terminals at a controlled cost.

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