Discover and be inspired

In this new era of the king-customer, of usage, everything is about uses and experiences. The perfect answer doesn't extist anyore, there is only one imperative: innovation. Whether you have preferred an internal lab, intrapreneurship, external growth or start-up competitions... We have developed the tool you need.

Learning expedition

A small group built around a theme or a team leaves the company for 2 days to meet innovative organizations and companies. Working methods, working environment, technologies, societal approach. By making different and inspiring encounters, each individual and the collective discover their potential and learn to imagine their jobs or service differently. The objective is to renew the participants' viewpoints in order to initiate or relaunch innovation projects or change management programmes.

Discover and be inspired

Vision is a monthy program of internal events to think "out of the box". In the spirit of the Tedx, a speaker comes to present his universe, his vision, his project, to top managers and executives, Vision aims to break silos by encouraging exchanges. By shifting the scope of reflection, Vision is an excellent breeding ground for innovation.

Think out of the box

Organize innovation in organizations by regularly leading a community of collaborators and external talents. The community creates action plans and defines concrete objectives that are consistent with the market strategy. It works with a constant concern to place the end user at the heart of the company's products and solutions.

Bringing innovation to the forefront

On a pre-defined theme, an exploratory workshop of 2 days in an open ecosystem. Internal teams and startups identify and select innovative projects according to their market potential. At the end of the session, the group built a realistic approach to projects with an evaluation of human and financial resources. Deliverable: a concrete roadmap, ready to enter the launch phase.

From idea to project

Based on a qualified and validated idea, a 2-day workshop to transform a structured idea into a concrete project. Define the business model, build the value proposition, elaborate the pitch for sponsors and investors. The launching phase can go as far as the construction of a POC or, failing that, a highly technical project, the drafting of technical and functional specifications.

Accelerate projects

Montly workshop to consolidate the success of an open innovation project by taking stock of progress, identifying bottlenecks, up to the delivery of the prototype and the market test. All steps are documented to facilitate the adjustment and the product scale according to user results and feedback.

Business hackathon

Far from the classic patterns of the big society that wants to make new entrants disappear or the scarecrow uberize, the big organizations must open up their ecosystems to really implement their strategies of rupture. Business hackathon is a unique way to bring together the talents of both worlds to provide a new experience for users. The startups you will work with tomorrow are in MotherBase.

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